Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The psychology major provides students with a broad background for understanding behavior through exposure to theories and scientific research across a range of sub-disciplines. Students thus acquire the preparation necessary to pursue graduate training in clinical or research psychology or to enhance the pursuit of related professions such as education, social work, medicine, or criminal justice.

Students with an AA or AS degree from Camden County College are eligible to apply to the Psychology program.

Major Requirements
The major in psychology requires a minimum of 40 credits, representing 13 credits in required courses and 27 credits in psychology electives. The following four courses of study are required:

  • 50:830:101 Introduction to Psychology
  • 50:830:250 Statistics for Social Science
  • 50:830:255 Method and Theory in Psychology (WI)
  • either 50:830:381 and 380 Experimental Psychology with laboratory or any other course that has an associated laboratory component (but see the advice below under Preparation for Graduate Study).

Graduating with a major in psychology requires at least a 2.5 grade-point average in the major and no more than two grades lower than a C in those psychology courses taken at Rutgers and presented to satisfy the major.  Students may petition the department to request an exception to these requirements if they feel it is warranted.


Careers in Psychology