Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

The criminal justice major provides students with a broad understanding of criminal justice that is grounded in theory and research on crime and the agencies that control it: police, courts, and corrections. Students thus acquire the academic preparation necessary for careers in law enforcement, probation, and correctional and for advance study in the field of criminology, criminal justice, and related fields.
Students with an AA or AS degree from Camden County College are eligible to apply to the Criminal Justice BA program.
Criminal Justice Major Requirements (36 credits)

  • 202:201 Criminal Justice in America
  • Two of the following three courses:
    • 202:202 Police & Policing
    • 202:203 Confinement & Corrections
    • 202:204 Courts & Criminal Law
  • 920:313 Theories of Crime & Delinquency
  • 920:301 Methods and Techniques of Social Research
  • One of the following three courses:
  • 920:316 Race & Ethnicity
  • 920:332 Social Stratification
  • 202:337 Poor, Minorities and Justice
  • 15 credits of Criminal Justice 300 Level Electives (see the Major Worksheet below for approved list)
  • 202:449: Ethics & Policy in Criminal Justice


Careers in Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Major Worksheet